Learn about seven phenomenal artists and their art. Get the inside scoop on the art, culture and social movements and find out why these women are so kickass! Expand your perspectives by exploring art and culture through the lens of these artists' awesome lives. Sharpen your skills, expand your perspectives and get inspired to move towards something new!
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What to Expect

  • Flexible Learning

    Course takes 2 hours to complete with 10-minute segments for ultimate flexibility. Includes interactives, stories, videos and activities. Customizable learning paths with access for one-year from date of sign-up. Available on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Build Your Skills

    Reflection activities are designed to sharpen your skills of critical analysis, observation and cultural literacy while expanding your knowledge of art. Gain new perspectives from art and culture while developing skills and insights!

  • Connect Art to Your Life

    Passive learning is passe! Experience over 30 images of phenomenal artworks, videos and interactive elements and get involved with video-guided exploration and thought-provoking activities. Expand your thinking and creativity by connecting art & culture to your life now!

Course Outline

Ten-minute segments for learning flexibility!
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  • 1

    Overview! ( 5 segments )

  • 2

    7 Kickass Artists ( 15 segments )

    • Sofonisba Anguissola: Renaissance Woman

    • Explore Sofonisba's Painting 'The Chess Game'

    • Augusta Savage: Harlem Champion

    • Reflection Activity: Explore Concept of Agency

    • Tarsila do Amaral: Simply 'Tarsila'

    • Explore Tarsila's Life Story & Art

    • Amrita Sher-Gil: Rebel!

    • Video: The ‘Salon’

    • Reflection Activity: Cultural Identity

    • Camille Claudel: Sculptor Extraordinaire

    • Activity: Observe and Interpret a Sculpture by Camille Claudel

    • Georgia O'Keeffe: The Original Badass

    • Explore Georgia O'Keeffe's Studio & Hear Georgia Share Part of her Story

    • Helen Frankenthaler: "My Way"

    • Activity: Look, Reflect & Sketch (or Write)

  • 3

    Over to You! ( 3 segments )

    • Go Forth and Be Awesome!

    • More to Explore! Lots More...

    • Before You Go...

There's More!

Also included in the course:

✓ Access to our exclusive course community forum to share your thoughts, engage with your art guide, read other learners’ points-of-view and get updates on art news!

✓ A guarantee that your art guide will engage with your comments and questions.

✓ Downloadable materials including an ‘Explore More Guide’ with curated websites and course-related content to further your learning and inspiration!
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What Learners Say!

Course was awesome!

Nina M.

The course definitely made me think about not only the artists and the artwork itself, but also how I interacted with themes and concepts presented in the art. It was also so surprising and inspiring to learn about the life path’s of each of the female artists. This course was an excellent way to jog my creativity and learn more about myself, art and the women within it. Would recommend.

Fun, Interactive, Entertaining and Educational

Kathleen W.

Love interacting with the lesson, the instructor is great, interesting and thorough. Love Wine and love art and so I loved the course. Thanks.

Interactive and Engaging!

Diane H.

I enjoyed the 7 Kickass Women in Art History very much. The content is exceptional and what I liked most about it were the questions that were asked as you moved through the course. It invites you to contemplate the artists’ work, their stories and how it applies to today's world.

It was very thought-provoking and the best part was Debbie responded with her thoughts to my comments quickly. You can actually have a dialogue with her about your reflections which is amazing. Can’t wait to sign up for my next one!

Great Course!

Bruce M.

Really enjoyed this course. I was familiar with most of the paintings, yet I appreciated them from a different point of view with the focus on wine. Great insight into different cultures. Good variety and thoughtful. Thank you.

Meet Your Art Guide!

Hi! I love art and sharing it with others, and I am super excited about 7 Kickass Women in Art History! Not only have these artists created awesome works of art, but they have compelling stories to tell.

I created this course and the others at Art History For Real because as a museum-lover, docent and educator, I saw, and still see how people want to engage with and learn about art but can’t because of the barriers within cultural institutions. That’s why I started Art History for Real, to change how people like you experience art. My goal is to make the art and the women in this course relevant to your life—to inspire, sharpen and stimulate.

I look forward to meeting you in the course community forum, and hearing your thoughts on these 7 awesome artists!

Learn about 7 artists whose creativity and tenacity left us with not only remarkable works of art, but inspiring life stories that spark new ways of thinking, creating & living!