Learn about the history of wine drinking culture through 7 famous paintings. Expand your knowledge of artists including Renoir, Manet and Caravaggio, and significant art movements while getting the inside scoop on historic drinking cultures of France, Italy, Spain and more. Enhance your enjoyment of wine while expanding your perspectives on cultures and awesome works of art!

Course Aims

  • Learn about art and the history of wine culture and drinking through 7 paintings including Caravaggio’s Bacchus, Vermeer’s The Wine Glass, Manet’s A Bar at Folies-Bergère, and more

  • Enhance your enjoyment of wine and/or art by connecting works of art and their stories to your own experiences and views

  • Explore historical attitudes on wine drinking in ancient Rome, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands

  • Learn how to identify artworks from art movements including Baroque, Fauvism and Impressionism

  • Recognize themes and symbolism in paintings: types of fruit, plants, gods, still lifes and more

What to Expect

  • Engaging Content

    Two to three hours of content that includes 30+ images, videos exploring artworks, interactive digital collages and downloadable guides, all designed to make the culture of wine and art relevant and meaningful!

  • Flexible Learning

    Course takes between two to three hours to complete with learning divided into 10-minute segments for ultimate flexibility! Do one segment a day or all at once. Customize your learning path. Accessible from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Thoughtful Activities

    Reflection questions connect art and their stories to your life while providing insights about different cultures and points-of-view. Expand your perspectives by exploring art and culture through the lens of wine. Get inspired to move towards something new!

What's Included

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Meet Your Instructor

Hi! I love art and sharing it with others; I also love wine! I hope you will enjoy this course as I much as I enjoyed creating it for you. I’ve recently expanded the scope of wines I drink and creating this course gave me a deeper appreciation and enjoyment of wine and art. I hope it will do the same for you!

As a museum-lover, docent and educator I saw how people wanted to learn about and engage with art, but couldn’t because of barriers inherent to museums and cultural institutions. That’s why I started Art History for Real, to change how people like you experience art with unique online courses like this one. I look forward to meeting you in the course community forum and hearing your thoughts about your favorite works of art and views on wine drinking cultures! Salut!


Learn about famous artworks, artists and unique cultures of wine-drinking through the lens of art featuring wine!

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Got Questions?

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