Learn about the history of dog culture, famous artworks and artists by exploring the most famous dog portraits in art history! Expand your knowledge of artists including Renoir, Manet and Landseer, as well as key art movements while sharpening your skills of observation, analysis, cultural literacy! Get inspired by phenomenal works of art, artists and stories of dogs and their owners from history.
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What to Expect

  • Flexible Learning

    Course takes 2 hours to complete with 10-minute segments for ultimate flexibility. Includes interactives, stories, videos and activities. Customizable learning paths with access for one-year from date of sign-up. Available on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Develop your Skills

    Reflection activities are designed to sharpen your skills of critical analysis, observation and cultural literacy while expanding your knowledge of art. Gain new perspectives on art and culture, while honing your skills!

  • Connect Art to your Life

    Passive learning is passe! Experience over 30 images of artworks, videos, interactives and get involved with video-guided exploration and engaging, thought-provoking activities. Expand your thinking and creativity by connecting art to your life.

What's Included!

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There's More!

Also included in the course:

✓ Access to our exclusive course community forum to share your thoughts, engage with your art guide, read other learners’ points-of-view and get updates on art news!

✓ A guarantee that your art guide will engage with your comments and questions.

✓ Downloadable materials including an ‘Explore More Guide’ with curated websites and course-related content to further your learning and inspiration!

What Learners Are Saying

My owner loved it!


My human, Scottie-boy, took this course to learn more about art, though I know he really enjoyed the stories about the dogs and owners, especially the ones where the dogs were the heroes.

It was the story about James Stuart (some Duke or another) and his faithful greyhound that I liked best. His greyhound saved James from a wild boar during a ferocious hunt (I would do the same for Scottie-boy). James, forever grateful, bestowed elaborate gifts on his greyhound, including jeweled-studded collars. Now that’s what I call devotion.

Great Course!

Geoff S.

As a dog lover I thoroughly enjoyed the look at art history from the perspective of dogs in art.

Meet Your Art Guide

Hi and welcome! I love art and sharing it with others—and what possibly can be a more enjoyable way to learn about and experience art than through portraits of dogs? We had a yellow lab while our kids were growing up and I connected more to my memories when exploring the paintings, stories and activities included in this course!

My aim is that you will enjoy learning about phenomenal artists, art movements and famous paintings through the lens of dog art. You might even find yourself motivated to create your own pet portraits. I look forward to meeting you in our course community forum and hearing your thoughts!

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