Explore fashion and art through the lens of artworks featuring cutting edge fashions, influencers and intrigue. Learn about scandals, famous paintings, artists, art movements, and discover how fashion rocked art history! Expand your thinking and creativity by exploring art, design and culture through fashion in art history and today!

Course Aims

  • Explore famous paintings through the lens of fashion from the 1700s to today with artworks by Louise Vigée Le Brun, Thomas Gainsborough, John Sargent, Mickalene Thomas and others

  • Learn about the fashion influencers in famous paintings that triggered scandals and intrigue including Sargent’s Madame X, Le Brun’s Chemise dress, and Manet’s nudes

  • Discover how men’s fashion evolved from high fashion to boring fashion with the ‘Great Male Renunciation’

  • Discover how art history, contemporary fashion influencers and artists impact art, fashion and culture today

  • Learn to recognize art movements, famous artworks and experience and interpret artworks on your own terms

  • Discover how art connects to your life!

What to Expect

  • Flexible Learning

    Course takes between 2 and 3 hours to complete with learning divided into 10-minute segments for ultimate flexibility! Do one segment a day or all at once. Customize your learning path. Accessible from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Inspiring Activities

    Reflection questions and activities are designed to connect the art and its stories to real life. Designed for self-discovery and exploration. Expand your perspectives; consider how fashion and art influence culture, creativity and your life! Discover new pathways to inspiration!

  • Awesome Content

    Includes dynamic content with 30+ images, videos exploring artworks, interactive digital collages, video-guided creative explorations, downloadable guides and more. Designed to expand your thinking and creativity by making art and fashion history relevant!

What's Included!

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

    • Welcome Video: Start Here!

    • Course Overview: Where we Begin

  • 2

    Most Scandalous Fashion Scandals in Art History

    • Sargent’s Off-the-Shoulder Shocker

    • Le Brun’s Chemise Dress: Not Fit for a Queen

    • Manet’s Scandalous Luncheon

  • 3

    Fashion Influencers in Art History

    • King Louis XIV and his Red Shoes

    • A Princess and a Walking Skirt

    • Madame de Pompadour

  • 4

    Trendy Fashion Trends

    • Hoop Skirts

    • Men in the Pink

    • Fashionistas to 'Boringistas': The Great Male Renunciation

  • 5

    Fashion Now: Art, Influencers & Cultural Trends

    • Art Now: Fashion & Inspiration

    • Influencers & Culture Trends Now

  • 6

    Next Up!

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

Meet Your Instructor

Hi! I hope you’ll enjoy this course as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. I love art and sharing it with others, and I love fashion! I worked in the women’s fashion industry early in my career and loved it! That motivated me to create this course. Fashion like art, provides insight into current day culture, can spark new ideas and ways of thinking. And it is fun! The artworks in this course have intriguing stories to tell.

I created this course and the others at Art History For Real because as a museum-lover, docent and educator I saw, and still see how people want to engage with and learn about art but can’t because of the barriers within cultural institutions. That’s why I started Art History for Real, to change how people like you experience art with unique courses like this one.

I look forward to meeting you in course community forum and hearing your thoughts on the artworks and fashionistas in art history!
Got Questions?

Got Questions?

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