Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver unique learning experiences about art history through online, self-paced Mini Courses, Deep Dives, and live conversations about art with Art Shorts Live! We aim to make art relevant and impactful by engaging learners in art and its stories with content and activities that encourage exploration, self-discovery and application.

Who is Art History For Real for?

Glad you asked! Art History For Real is for people who:

  • Are curious;
  • Seek out new perspectives and points-of-view;
  • Want to learn about art & culture without the jargon;
  • Seek to understand what's going on in our world through art;
  • Seek new sources for inspiration and creative ideas;
  • Want to develop skills in critical analysis, cultural awareness & interpretation;
  • Are awesome!
Art History For Real image on laptop

Why I Started Art History For Real

Debbie Morrison: Course Creator and Art Guide

As an art-lover, former docent and museum educator, I saw how real people wanted to learn and engage with art yet couldn’t because of the barriers inherent to museums and cultural institutions. I decided to create a different experience for people to engage with and learn about art. Art History For Real was born! It's an online learning space that shares art and its stories through a modern lens with approachable, dynamic courses. My aim is that learners will experience art differently, and connect it to their own experiences and life! That's when art becomes relevant and real!

I've put my twenty-plus years’ experience in creating curriculum and learning strategies, Master’s Degree in Education, Certificate in Museum Studies and in-progress Master’s Degree in Modern Art History to work to create engaging dynamic learning experiences that are relevant and real.

I believe that art is fun, relevant and inspiring when it's experienced, not just consumed by passive looking! That is what Art History For Real aims to do, engage you in the story!