Our Mission

Learning Experiences for Curious People

Our mission is to deliver dynamic, approachable, online learning experiences about art history through self-paced Mini Courses, Deep Dives, and conversations about art in real-time with Art Shorts Live! We aim to turn the traditional approach to learning about art history upside down with interactive, engaging content and unconventional ways of exploring art!

Meet Debbie Morrison

Founder, Course Creator and Instructor

Debbie is passionate about art and sharing the inspirational world of art history with others. She has a Master’s Degree in Education, a Certificate in Museum Studies and is completing a Master’s Degree in Modern Art History. She has over twenty-years experience designing and delivering face-to-face and online learning programs and curriculum for companies, K-12 and higher education institutions. Most recently she worked in a museum setting developing education materials and creating interactive learning experiences for visitors, students and families.

She is committed to making Art History for Real a dynamic, exciting place for real people to learn about art history.

Why I Started Art History for Real

As a museum-lover, former docent and museum educator, I saw how real people wanted to learn and engage with art yet couldn’t because of barriers inherent to cultural institutions that made enjoying, looking at, and appreciating art unwelcoming, intimidating and boring! I decided to do something to change how people experience art—I wanted it to be on their terms.

That is why I started Art History for Real, to create a place that delivers learning that is accessible and approachable, without the jargon, big words and cumbersome terms. My goal is that people who take Art History For Real courses and classes will see art differently, connect it to their own experiences and life!

– Debbie
Got Questions?

Got Questions?

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