How Art Shorts Live! Work

Art Shorts Live! are short, lively conversations in real-time about one or more unique works of art. Guided by an Art History for Real art enthusiast/instructor, you will learn about one or more phenomenal pieces of art and see how it connects to current themes of everyday life.

Conversations are hour-long and delivered on Zoom. All artwork(s) are shared on-screen. You can participate using the chat feature, or the built-in microphone on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Get the most out of the experiences on a computer or tablet, but a smartphone works too!

$25 per person for one Art Shorts Live! Conversation

Learning for Curious People

  • Explore Unique Art

    Learn something different by exploring unique works of art. Share your thoughts! Engage in the conversation via chat or microphone (optional)

  • Expand Your Art Knowledge

    Gain knowledge about famous paintings and noteworthy artists. No prior art history experience needed!

  • Discover New Ideas

    Have fun! Learn about art and see how it connects to real life and leads to new ideas. Get ready for the unexpected!