How Deep Dives Work

Deep Dives are intuitive and user-friendly, taking place entirely online in a self-contained course website that is available whenever you log in. Courses are self-paced for ultimate flexibility! You have access to the course for one year after date of purchase.

Courses are divided into eight modules with content that includes journal articles, videos, images of significant artworks, interactive digital content and more. Challenging learning assignments encourage reflection and insight through analysis of readings and artworks, research, writing and more. Assignments are self-graded with assessment tools provided in the course.

Modules take approximately two to three hours each; competing a full course including assignments takes 25+ hours. Visit our FAQ section to find answers to frequently asked questions. If you need help we are always here for you! Click on the 'Got Questions' button at bottom of the page.

What to Expect

  • Deep Learning

    Gain advanced knowledge in diverse areas of art history and culture. Become skilled at interpreting and discussing works of art and their historical contexts.

  • College Level Content

    High-quality, self-paced, college-level art history learning experiences with interesting and varied content and learning assignments.

  • High Quality Courses

    Quality courses designed by online learning and curriculum expert with a Master’s Degree in Education, Certificate in Museum Studies and in-progress Master's in Modern Art History.

Get Started

  1. Select the course you want and click “sign-up”. You will be prompted to create an account with your name, email and a password
  2. Start learning: you will get immediate access to the free preview lessons and/or access to the full course once you pay
  3. Explore and engage with content and activities at your own pace. You have access for one year
  4. Access the course anytime from a computer, tablet or smartphone by clicking the ‘learner log-in’ tab on the Art History for Real website
Got Questions?

Got Questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions if you haven’t already, and if you still need help or have a question, no problem, send an email to:

We will get back to you within 24 hours.